About Us

We work closely with schools, teams, and organizations to help customize and design the apparel and accessories they love — all while giving back to the community. 

Our Story

I always loved doing crafts and wanted to find a way to design and sell apparel that people loved and wore all the time. After spending countless hours watching DIY videos and brainstorming ways to start a business that gave back to the community, Wear It Spirit was born.

While designing spirit wear, people began asking me to do small projects and custom work. A new endeavor emerged when a student approached me about making personalized gear for her team. She came up with the design and I provided her the tools and expertise to make her vision a reality. From there, Wear It Spirit expanded to take on more and more personalized projects – which began our customizable merchandise business.

Today we sell apparel unique to towns and schools in addition to a robust catalog of accessories – all of which are fully customizable to let your spirit show.

Our Mission

Our mission at Wear It Spirit is to provide customized apparel and accessories at a great value while giving back to the local community. We do this by eliminating the retailer and working directly with wholesalers and local decorators which help us keep our costs low. We work closely with schools, teams, and organizations in designing and selling fundraising apparel and gear.

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